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What is the Mental Health
Collaborative (MHC)?

The Mental Health Collaborative – or MHC, for short – at Casa de Salud is a mental health care clinic where people who need therapy can get it at a low cost, without insurance, and in their preferred language. At the MHC, we work with therapists from many organizations, schools, and private practices.


Culturally-sensitive behavioral health

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MHC information and hours


  • Monday through Thursday:
    9 am – 8 pm

  • Fridays: 9 am – 4 pm

  • Saturdays: 9 am – 4 pm

  • Closed on Sundays

1015 S. Compton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

What we do at the MHC

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Who we work with

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How it works

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Therapy sessions

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Reduced depression & anxiety


What we do at the MHC

We make it easier for people to get mental health care when they need it. Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive behavioral health services to clients, including those who are of low income, uninsured, and foreign-born.


The MHC brings therapists together on site so that they can see clients, both in-person and via telehealth. We have therapists who can see children, teens, and adults. We offer individual, couples and family therapy. Our goals are:

Access to therapy

  • The MHC helps people who need therapy and can't find it at other clinics

  • Most of our clients are immigrants and refugees who have trouble finding therapists who understand their culture, or who can speak to them in their own language

  • Many don't have insurance, or have insurance that doesn't cover mental health care, but at the MHC, our partners charge clients no more than $20 per session


Interested in receiving mental health services?

Client choice

  • Therapists at the MHC use many different types of treatment to help clients

  • Some of them can speak other languages and others use interpreters

  • Having different and diverse therapists helps Casa find the best match for each client’s needs

Professional development for therapists

  • By working with Casa's clients, the therapists at the MHC will get better at working with immigrants and understanding their needs

  • The MHC hosts case conferences twice a month, which are an opportunity for the therapists to gather and reflect on a case, with a focus on building cultural and language skills

Have questions about becoming a practicum student or intern at the MHC?

Contact our MHC Program Coordinator, Lauren Kempton

What we do
who we work w/

Who we work with

Partnerships are the cornerstone of Casa's mission and services. We partner with mental and behavioral health experts to provide culturally and linguistically sensitive care.


How the MHC works

how it works
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Who we help

Casa Clients

Clients seek mental health care to build skills to manage life stress and heal from trauma. The positive effects of therapy reach beyond the individual to strengthen families and communities.


Licensed Therapists

Therapists gain experience working with underserved populations in a community of other like-minded providers. Monthly case conferences offer a chance to connect with other providers, as well as share knowledge to improve care. 


Student Interns

Graduate student interns in fields such as social work, counseling, and psychology gain experience working with immigrants and refugees, and build relationships with other mental health professionals. 

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